Why pavement preservation




Pavement preservation is critical to extending the life of roads and ensuring that they are smooth and safe for island families and visitors.

DMK & Associates is skilled in a pavement preservation strategies and treatments. We are happy to work with you to determine the best treatment and timing to optimize your infrastructure performance with minimal disruption to your customers, residents, and others who use your roads. We provide pavement preservation to governments, neighborhoods, retailers, shopping centers, condominiums, and resorts. DMK & Associates is an authorized Sealmaster applicator and contractor.

Benefits of Pavement Preservation


  • Cost Savings – Investing in this type of road maintenance pays off in the long-term as it lengthens the life of your infrastructure. Pavement preservation also reduces the need for unplanned reconstruction due to wear and tear.

  • Safety – The upkeep of pavement provides a safer environment for all who travel on your roadways. 

  • Reduces Downtime – Ensuring that your pavement is kept at the highest level of quality reduces the down time of service interruptions as reconstruction and major repairs will be mitigated.

  • Regulatory Compliance – Federal and other government statutes require municipalities to include the consideration of pavement preservation as part of their long-term business practices that support funding. 

What We Do


Pavement preservation must be approached with expertise. Poor timing, substandard materials, inappropriate treatments, and improper construction can result in unsuccessful road preservation. DMK & Associates’ highly skilled team combines sound strategy and craftsmanship on each of its pavement preservation projects. We coordinate your entire project with the utmost safety from start to finish, including:

  • Project Planning and management
  • Public notification
  • Asphalt sealing and rejuvenation
  • Road painting and striping
  • Traffic control
  • Project Closure


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For more details on pavement preservation, visit the U.S. Department of Transportation website.